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Centering Different Stories

Join us this week as we celebrate Black History Month through story, song, preaching, and personal testimony. This is a service for all ages, and childcare is available in the Nursery for babies and young children.

Finding Silence

It takes discipline and courage to admit that you don’t know something or aren’t the right person to tackle a particular challenge. Being an effective presence for change in our world can also mean learning when to be quiet and listen and when to support others’ work.

Eyes Wide Open

As the impact of the climate crisis continues to grow, it is tempting to look away, focusing our energy instead on problems that feel small enough to solve. This week in worship, we will consider how our liberal religious values are calling us to engage the impending catastrophe courageously. Show up this Sunday and commit yourself to showing up for our planet.


At 18, they say you’re an adult. But you’re not really until you’re fully into the world of “adulting,” that is, doing the things one has to each day, week, month, and year just to live. Our world increasingly disempowers us, making adulthood seem like a series of chores rather than a time of living into the people we should be.

Not Just Fire Insurance

There’s an old line that religion isn’t just fire insurance — that is, it’s more than just a way to avoid eternal flames in hell. A deep, healthy spiritual foundation can help us be ready for things we could never have seen coming, good and bad. Our community aims to teach skills, foster resilience, and create relationships that strengthen us all.

When Love Makes a Boundary

This week we will hear the story of how two people with different perspectives listened deeply to one another, and how the experience empowered them in different ways. We will celebrate as our Board President changes her name and consider deeply how we are all called to listen and respond when love makes a change or a boundary.

Advent for Buddha

For many, the season of Advent is about waiting—in a period of holy discontent—for something greater than our imaginings to pull the world out of confusion and suffering. Often that power is discerned only by listening through the din of the holidays to the quiet message of hope coming to the world.

Rev. Bret Lortie currently serves as an Air Force chaplain at Travis AFB. He has served two Unitarian Universalist congregations as Senior Minister—in Evanston, Illinois, and San Antonio, Texas—and prior to ministry was a magazine editor for the Chicago Sun Times and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Rev. Lortie is married to Cindy Lortie and in his spare time plays trombone in the Solano Winds.

Nov 24 – Thanksgiving Sunday: Welcome Table

In this service for all ages, we will hear the story of Nasruddin’s coat, sing harvest hymns, and give thanks and praise as we share in our annual cornbread and grapes communion.

How Can I Keep From Singing

This service will focus on:  How music let’s us offer up praise, how singing helps us hold on to ourselves and our deep beliefs, the physical and physiological benefits of singing, and finding something positive in troubles through song.