People of Color Caucus (POCC) Mission Statement

The UUCB People of Color Caucus (POCC) of the Social Justice Council provides a safe space for racial and ethnic minority members to name, heal and reconcile past and current personal and group racial wounds.  In caucus, we practice loving kindness toward ourselves and each other.  As People of Color, we work to (1) bring awareness of oppression and the needs of communities of color to our congregation and, (2) join in partnership with the UUCB’s Whites Opposing White Supremacy, our wider congregation, and other justice-seeking people in dismantling racism.

POCC Covenant

In our protected space, we support each other’s spiritual and personal journeys by holding each other in confidence.  “What we see here, what we say here, when we leave here, let it stay here.”   We practice trust and compassionate listening, knowing that we are strengthened by being caring witnesses for one another.  Further, we promise to be the catalyst for greater positive change within and outside of our group.


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