Working Towards a Better, More Just World … by informing and engaging the congregation in conversation on local and international social justice action and changing issues.

The Social Justice Council sponsors forums on social justice topics each Sunday.
For 2022 Summer Forum will start on June 5th through August at 9:30 am to 10:30 a.m. IN-PERSON IN THE FIRESIDE ROOM.
Please abide by Covid restrictions by wearing a mask at all times during the presentations.

Committee: Dorothy Herzberg

2022 Schedule

June 5 – Fireside Room – Where is peace now? David Hartsough, UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus. Author. Lifelong Activist.

[Additional dates will be listed soon]

2021 Schedule

June 20 Sandy Hindeman, Director of Youth Spirit Artworks (“Tiny House Village”), Jim Acock, UUCB Member and Lead organizer will speak on the Tiny House Village project for unhoused youth built in Oakland. This successful program is a model for cooperation between city, state agencies, community organizations, religious organizations and pure people power.

June 27 Paul George, Former Executive Director of the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, will present on “Defending Democracy Before It’s Too Late.”  The Peninsula Peace and Justice Center is the area’s leading grassroots voice for peace, justice & human rights.  LINK to REPLAY:

July 11 Diana Graham of the Red Cross will present with a video on the International Red Cross. She’ll talk to us about opportunities for volunteering. And go deep into the workings of this incredible organization — which UUs helped start!!! (don’t forget).  LINK:  Dr. Diana Graham Red Cross

July 18 Dr. Lynne Henderson, (UUCB Member) will present to us on Mindful Self-Compassion. Lynn has been the Director of the Shyness Institute for over 25 yrs and faculty member in Continuing Studies at Stanford University.  Lynne’s talk contains beautiful meditations.  LINK to REPLAY:  Dr. Lynne Henderson Replay

July 25 AlVaughn Rodgers, Recruitment Coordinator of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) will  talk with us about how Volunteers work with high risk teens and are authorized to appear in Court with them. UUCB Member, Natalie Campbell, was able to get this important organization to speak with us about its work.

August 1 Dr. Veronica Ufoegbune is an Early Childhood Education advocate. She was on the Governor’s Commission. Dr. Ufoegbune has been a keynote speaker, facilitator. A Professor at Mills College, Board of United Nations Association/Berkeley. Former City Manager and Director of Head Start for the City of Oakland. Executive Director of the Nigerian American Association.

August 8 Candidates for Sheriff of West Contra Costa County. — CANCELLED

August 15 Teron McGrew, “Owning and Building Environmental Justice Consciousness” – Ms. McGrew works with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project as well as Climate Reality Bay Area and other groups,
LINK to REPLAY:  Teron McGrew – Environmental Justice

August 22  Dr. Megan Kirshbaum – “Parents and Grandparents w/ Disabilities.”  No Replay because of privacy/confidential information within the talk.

August 29 Steve Simon – “One UU Elders’ View of Climate Policy: Protecting Future Generations & All Life.”  Steve is Unitarian Universalist and head of Elders Climate Action’s national Policy Committee and is a retired scientist and is very involved with the US Climate Action Network.


2020 Schedule

June 28 Joey Mason. Former inmate in San Quentin. He re-created himself while in prison. Was a moderator with the Restorative Justice program. Now does community outreach, currently working with a probation officer with juveniles.
Joey will share his story.  To read Mac Lingo’s story on Joey Mason, click HERE.
Hosts Dorothy Herzberg and Mac Lingo

July 5 No program. Holiday weekend

July 12 Andre Soto. Community activist in Richmond. Founder of Communities for a Better Environment. Host Dr. Sheila Tarbot and Dorothy Herzberg

July 19 Rev Earl Koteen. UU Minister. The Arc of the Universe. King, Parker, Buddha, Shankar. Hosts Dr. Sheila Tarbot, Dorothy Herzberg

July 26 Dr. Bud Abbott. Biologists Without Borders. On a live Safari in South Africa. Power Point. Work with conserving African wildlife.
sponsor Dorothy Herzberg, Doug Frew

August 2. Mr. Takashi Tnemori. Survivor of Hiroshima. Honoring 75 years since August 1945. hosts Beth Jerde, Helen Toy

August 9 arylia Kelley TriValley Center, Livermore. Speaking on nuclear energy.
hosts Beth Jerde, Helen Toy

August 16 Dr. Paloma Pavel and Carl Anthony. co founders of Breakthrough Communities. Working with environmental issues. Hosts Dr. Sheila Tarbot, Dorothy Herzberg

August 23 Bruce Gardner founder of Solar Roots. Training in use of solar and natural energy in developing countries. Hosts Barbara Daniell, Dorothy Herzberg

Summer Forum Archive:  2017 Programs

June 4: Dr. Don Klose, retired psychologist, “Disarmament vs. Risking the Existence of the Planet.”

June 11: Occupella. Witty political satire in song. Hali Hammer and Friends.

June 18: Ray Westergard, retired teacher, “The Language of Political Correctness and its Damage to the Liberal Agenda and Social Justice.”

June 25: John Gioia, Contra Costa County Supervisor, “What’s Happening in West County.”

July 2: Documentary short film, “4.1 Miles.” Nominated for an Oscar. Syrian refugees escape to Greece. Introduced by Mac Lingo, chaplain.

July 9: Rev. Craig Scott, “Vietnam, 52 Years Later.”

July 16: Julie Rogers, therapist, “The Origins of Whiteness.”

July 23: Edward Burgess, Senior Manager, Strategen Consulting, and Ellen Zuckerman, Senior Associate, Southwest Energy. “The Science of Climate Change and Progress Towards a Clean Environment.”

July 30: Dr. Frederick Shaw, “My Work with Developing Indigenous Resources in Chandagar, India.”

August 6: Dr. Gil Weisman, retired psychiatrist, “The Demise of Free Psychiatric Hospitals.”

August 13: “From a Silk Cocoon: A Japanese American Renunciation Story.” Film on the Japanese internment with filmmaker Satsuki Ina, introduced by Dr. Beth Jerde.

August 20: “From Selma to Soweto” with filmmaker Connie Field, introduced by Dr. Beth Jerde.

August 27: Mister Phillips, Member, Board of Education WCCUSD. “Current Plans for the School District.”

Recordings from Summer 2016

June 5:  Dr. Liliane Koziol, Director of Programs at International House, UC Berkeley; Vice Chair of UC Berkeley International and Area Studies; Deputy Honorary Consul for Madagascar. “Cross Cultural Communication”.

June 12:  Mac Lingo, UUCB member. “My Chaplaincy at Kaiser Richmond and San Quentin”.

June 26:  Khafre Jay, “Hip Hop for Change,” with moderator Beth Jerde.

July 3:  Dr. Mimi Bull, retired legislative analyst, “Prisons for Profit”.

July 10:  Dr. Lynne Henderson on The Shyness Institute: Slides

July 24: Valerie Cuevas, Member Board of Education, West Contra Costa School District, “Change and Construction in a Challenging Time”.

July 31: Candidates for the State Senate: Nancy Skinner, Sandré Swanson.

August 14:  Cordell Sloan, Jr., “Growing up Black in America”.