9:30 am - 10:45 am


Dr. Teron McGrew, is the CEO of McGrew & Associates, a regenerative housing and community development company, with a focus on climate justice and climate adaptation in Oakland, California. McGrew & Associates’ mission is to improve the lives of marginalized communities by leaning into creating, designing, and engineering sustainable housing opportunities.

Dr. Teron McGrew is also Chapter Co-Chair of Climate Reality Project Bay Area Chapter at The Climate Reality Project. She also works with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project as well as Climate Reality Bay Area and other groups. Dr. McGrew will draw heavily on the Climate Reality perspective and local environmental justice in her talk, “Owning and Building Environmental Justice Consciousness.”

To combat climate change and climate justice, Ms. McGrew trained with Founder and Chairman, former United States Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore. She has traveled twice as a mentor for the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, mentored over 90 mentees into Climate Reality Leaders (April 2021), in the critical approach to the climate emergency, and the need to bring frontline communities to the forefront of the environmental justice and climate change crisis movement. Moreover, Ms. McGrew created the Climate Justice Co-Chair Committee for the Climate Reality Bay Area(CRBA) Chapter, created the a Climate Justice Salon Series and currently serves as the first African-American CRBA Chapter Co-Chair where she works diligently to uphold “belonging” spaces for climate reality leaders and members, which aligns with the Climate Reality Project’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice (DEI&J) mission.

Dr. Teron McGrew-Summer Forum August 15 2021-uucb.org
Dr. Teron McGrew-Summer Forum August 15 2021 “Owning and Building Environmental Justice Consciousness” discussion-uucb.org