Thoughts on Giving

Giving is one of life’s great satisfactions, especially when you know that your gifts will support what you value and improve the lives of others. As members and friends of UUCB, many of us give of our time, talent and treasure in many different ways. Whether it is an annual pledge or volunteer work, these are the gifts that maintain the daily operation of our church. UUCB is a large operation (see: how church finances work), and requires strong support from all its members and friends showing we care about UUCB and all it means for ourselves, our loved ones and the larger community. Please give generously until it feels right.


Give regularly for each fiscal year: make a pledge of regular support for UUCB. See more on our Stewardship Page.

Single gifts

Give in the moment: make donations as the spirit moves you. use cash or an envelope (in the pews), and submit it in the offering plate or through the office mail slot.


Give for the long term: make a gift to the UUCB Endowment.

Make a contribution or pledge payment online

We have a secure online payment system through InFellowship.

If you have registered with InFellowship select here to give online.

If you have not registered (created a profile) or are not sure, select here to create profile.

If you need support logging in, please email