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It could be the connections you’ve made as part of a Chalice Circle. Perhaps it’s the growth and learning you and your children have experienced in our Family Ministry program. It might be that our inspiring Worship and Music renews your hope and nurtures your spirit. Or feeling uplifted after hearing a moving Personal Theology talk.  Or simply being part of an inclusive liberal faith community that promotes your values and works to make the world better. Whatever draws you to UUCB, we are glad you’re here.

We are grateful for all of the gifts that people offer our community. Many people give generously of their time by teaching one of our children’s religious education classes, serving on a committee, or helping out on one of our work days. Others share their talent with the congregation by singing in our choir, preparing our altar flowers and decorations each week, and even sometimes making recommendations out of their professional expertise. No matter how else we give back, when we sign the book and become members, we make a commitment to also support this congregation and its mission by contributing financially. But even if you’re not a member (yet) we encourage everyone to make a financial commitment to the congregation to help support whatever it is that keeps you coming back.

In an effort to make things as easy as possible, there are lots of ways you can donate to UUCB, including:

    1. Check: Mail to the church office or drop into either the offering plate or through the office door slot in an envelope. Don’t forget to write what fund you’re contributing to in the subject line.
    2. Cash: Mail to the church office or drop into either the donation box in the Atrium or through the office door slot in an envelope. Indicate on the envelope your name and that it is for a specific fund.
    3. Stock Transfer: Contact Tess O’Riva, Executive Director for more information.
    4. Breeze: we also have a secure online payment system through our church database system called Breeze.
      • Click here to give directly through Breeze without having to log in or create a profile.
      • If you have registered with Breeze, you can log in to your profile to give online.
      • If you are not sure if you have a profile, select here to check if you have a profile.
      • If you get an error message, or need additional support, contact
    5. PayPal: Click on the Donate button:

      Check the box for “Make this a monthly donation.”

    6. Text to Give: Text “Give” to +1 (510) 988-5666. Follow the prompts. If it tells you that you’re a first time giver, it just means you’re a first time giver via text.
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    7. Endowment: You can leave a long term and lasting legacy to UUCB through a contribution to our UUCB Endowment Fund. Planned Giving is an important way to be stewards of our great liberal spiritual and religious heritage. These gifts continue to benefit UUCB for many, many years to come. More info.



The easiest way for the church to be able to plan the yearly budget that funds our programs is by asking everyone to tell us how much they plan to give the church in the next fiscal year. We call that commitment a yearly pledge. Every pledge matters; no amount is too small or too large. Only you know how much you or your family can give. And if everyone gives what they can from deep within, UUCB will have more than enough to do the work we are called to do with one another and for our world. For more information about pledging in general or the 2024-2025 Stewardship campaign, please click the link below:

Stewardship and Pledging

To make your pledge online:

Make My 2024-2025 Pledge

UUCB members’ thoughts about stewardship

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