Convener: Marta Tobey

Program Council Representative Lonnie Moseley
Adult Education/Exploration Lonnie Moseley
Applied UU Buddhism Sangha Lynnette Delgado
Blue Mountain Center Meditation Satsang Lois Schneider
Humanist Connections Marcia Bates
Lawrence Lecture Committee (lawrence.lectures@uucb.org) TBD
Men’s Groups Bob Adams & Dave Rockhold
Personal Theology Anne Wardell
Summer Forum Dorothy Herzberg
Wednesday Walk & Talk Ann Harlow
Women’s Book Group Lisa Maynard & Karen Tripp
Women’s Insight Meditation Group Evelie Delfino Sales Posch
Write for Your Life Writing Group Kit Hewitt
Textiles And Arts Group Karen Tripp, Judy Sam, Helen Toy
BUILDINGS & GROUNDS (Staff person Tess O’Riva)
Program Council Representative Lynne Cahoon
Aesthetics Committee Lynne Cahoon
Buildings & Grounds Committee Chair Jane Lundin
Kitchen Team Ann Harlow & Hilary Lorraine
Landscape Team (landscape@uucb.org) Carol Carlisle & Phil Maynard
Work Parties Lynne Cahoon & Phil Maynard
CHALICE CIRCLES (chalicecircles@uucb.org)
Program Council Representative Lenore Ralston
Leadership Committee Lenore Ralston
COMMUNICATIONS (Staff person Charis Domador)
Program Council Representative Jim Gasperini
Communications Team Co-Chairs Jim Gasperini & Ann Harlow
The Week Ahead, announcements (weekahead@uucb.org) Charis Domador
Beacon on the Hill, monthly newsletter (beacon@uucb.org) Charis Domador
Web Master (webmaster@uucb.org) Jim Gasperini
FAMILY MINISTRY (Staff person Heaven Walker)
Program Council Representative Robin Cooper
Family Ministry Committee Chair Robin Cooper
FUNDRAISING (fundraising@uucb.org)
Program Council Representative Ann Harlow
Book Table Dorothy Herzberg
Financial Advisory Council Carolyn James
Jewelry Table Lisa Maynard
MEMBERSHIP (membership@uucb.org)
Program Council Representative Victoria Bowen
Gen UU (Congrats to Grads) Lonnie Moseley
Membership Committee Co-Chairs Victoria Bowen & Lonnie Moseley Questions about pledges & donations (DepositTeam@uucb.org) Anne Greenwood
Sunday Hospitality (hospitality@uucb.org) Ann Harlow & Hilary Lorraine
Wheel of Life Susan Lankford
MUSIC & ARTS (Staff person Bryan Baker) (music@uucb.org)
Program Council Representatives and Music Committee Co-Chairs Marin Fischer, Virginia Frederick, Phyllis Van Kranenberg
Choir (Luminescence) Bryan Baker
Gamelan Daniel Schmidt
UUCB Moves (Liturgical Dance) Victoria Bowen
PASTORAL CARE (Staff person Rev. Marcus Liefert) (pastoralcare@uucb.org)
Program Council Representative Barbara Cullinane
Chaplains Rev. Jane Ramsey
Pastoral Associates Barbara Cullinane
SuperCards Lynne Cahoon
SOCIAL JUSTICE (socialjustice@uucb.org)
Program Council Representative Carol Carlisle
Social Justice Council Chair Carol Carlisle/Cynthia Greenleaf
Confronting Racism and Oppression Julia Rogers & Helen Tinsley-Jones
Literature, Film, Music and Drama Contingent (LFDMC) Christina Creveling
People of Color Caucus (POCC) Helen Tinsley-Jones, Lonnie Moseley
Working to Overcome White Supremacy (WOWS) Julia Rogers & Julie Winkelstein
Building Community w/ Bethlehem Missionary Church Smiley Nelson
Anti-Racism Task Force Sheldon Jones
Anti-Racism Locally Julie Winkelstein
Contributing to Diverse Literature in At-Need Schools Helen Toy & Judy Sam
Honor the Graves of Enslaved People: Periwinkle Project Camille Parker & Sheldon Jones
Honoring Indigenous Peoples Group Helen Tinsley-Jones
Defending Democracy Norie Clarke
Climate Justice Committee Sheila Tarbet
Stand with Homeless Youth Jim Acock
Programs Affiliated with UUCB Social Justice
Accompaniment Team Anita Mermel
Fall Food Drive Ariel Smith-Iyer
Friends of DIR Frederick Shaw
Good Neighbor Program Natalie Campbell
Supporting the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP) Ray Westergard
Supporting the Read-Aloud Volunteer Program Judy Sam
Transylvanian Partner Church Committee (partnerchurch@uucb.org) Stephanie Ann Blythe & Anne Greenwood
World Peace Committee Don Klose & Roberta Shaw
TECH TEAM (techsupport@uucb.org) David Rosales
WORSHIP (Staff person Rev. Marcus Liefert)
Program Council Representative Rev. Marcus Liefert
Altar Flowers Team Judy Sam & Hilary Lorraine
Mist Tree Moon Circle Phoebe Sorgen & Evelie Delfino Sales Posch
Ushers Marta Tobey
Worship Associates (worshipassociates@uucb.org) Don Klose