Mission Statement

The mission of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley is to create loving community, inspire spiritual growth, and encourage lives of integrity, joy, and service.

Vision Statement

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley is a welcoming and vibrant congregation. We joyously support spiritual development guided by individual faith, reason, and conscience. We are committed to serving one another, the church community, the community at large, and the global community. We foster a spirit of generosity and trust that encourages care for our church home and affirms diversity and relationships consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles.

Covenant of Right Relations

(long version)  We covenant to build a religious community guided by love and sustained by respectful relationships.  Believing that building healthy relationships is a spiritual practice, we aim to listen appreciatively, speak with care, express gratitude, honor our differences, and assume good intentions. We endeavor to communicate directly, honestly, and compassionately, particularly when we are in conflict.  When we hurt one another, we will try to forgive, make amends and reconnect in a spirit of love.  In celebration of the common purpose that unites us, we will do our best to abide by this covenant.

(shortened version)  Love guides this church. The quest for truth and justice is its common purpose. To give thanks, listen deeply, speak with care, honor our differences, and seek and grant forgiveness: These things we covenant with one another.