We’d love to get to know you better and share with you what we have to offer. Fill out our newcomer’s card, tell us your interests, how you found us, and any questions we can answer.

Fill Out Newcomer Card

Welcome to a liberal church supporting a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, social justice, and respect for the interdependent web of all existence.

We need not think alike to love alike. Most of the members of UUCB were not born Unitarian Universalists (UU). Ours is a chosen faith. We come from many faith traditions; and some from no religion at all. We come in search of answers to questions like these…

  • How can I lead a deeper spiritual life?
  • How can I be engaged with something beyond day to day, secular life?
  • How can I be part of a community of meaning and purpose?
  • How can I (with others) help change the world?

For those of you who are already Unitarian Universalists, we bid you warm welcome, and offer a place from which to continue exploring your spiritual path and living your social justice commitments.


Plan your first visit (online)

Plan your first visit (in person)

For families with children

Plan Your First Visit (Online)

During this time of the Covid pandemic, and while we are adhering to CDC Guidelines, all Worship Services, seminars, meetings, special events and Chalice Circles are meeting virtually on Zoom.

Sunday morning Worship meets at 11:00 a.m. and the Facebook OR YouTube link is on the home page of uucb.org in the upper right corner.  Parents, please note that the Worship service includes a “Time for All Ages” — stories focused for our children and youth.

After Worship services, there is a fun Coffee Hour that meets every Sunday on Zoom and congregants get a chance to be together virtually.  On the last Sunday of the month, however, you, as a newcomer, will have your own breakout room to ask questions and to also have a deeper conversation with some of the people in the UUCB congregation.  But feel free to come to Coffee Hour every Sunday to get to know the committed people in this community.

The link for the Zoom Coffee Hour is in THE WEEK AHEAD newsletter that is under the uucb.org website menu option of “NEWS – NEWS – The Week Ahead at UUCB.”  Scroll to find “Coffee Hour” and the link will be there.

Beautiful Wednesday night Vespers services offers you a twenty minute time to meet other people and then go into a thirty minute sacred time of reflection and music.  The Zoom link for Vespers is also on the uucb.org home page in the upper right corner and the link is visible once Worship Services are over on Sunday afternoon.

Keep an eye out on the home page of website for SPECIAL EVENTS.  Events like “Personal Theology” are on the 2nd and 4th Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30 and are given by speakers who come from a range of perspectives on:  Sufism, Atheist, The Goddess, Christianity, Physics, Consciousness, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism,  Altered States, and Human Potential.

On first Sundays of the month from 12:30 to 2:30, the Social Justice Council’s, Literature, Film and Drama Contingent, offer heartfelt discussions on books, films, plays, conversations and articles on anti-racism and indigenous peoples.

Social Justice activities abound with post card writing, showing up to council meetings, volunteering for helping create Tiny Houses for youth.  Please fill in the Newcomer info card (button above) so we can let you know when some of these activities are happening and the contact person.

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you at the Worship service on Sunday or maybe in the Coffee Hour or at a meeting of one of the vibrant programs at UUCB.  Filling in the Newcomer info card and checking to receive the Weekly list of events and activities will keep you informed of the wonderful work of this congregation.


Watch this video to learn about one member’s path to spiritual growth and deeper connection at UUCB.

Plan Your First Visit (In Person)  Welcome

Once we are allowed to be together again in the physical church of UUCB, we know that a first time anywhere new is exciting but sometimes can be daunting, too. The UU Church of Berkeley strives to be a radically hospitable community, and we work hard to make sure you feel welcome. The aim of this page is to help you prepare for your first experience at UUCB.

UUCB is near the top of the Berkeley/El Cerrito hills with awe-inspiring views of the bay. This meditative retreat is off of the beaten path, so you’ll need good directions.

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the 9:30 program or 11:00 worship service and stop by the Welcome Table in the Atrium. You’ll find friendly and helpful greeters who will tell you about what’s happening on that Sunday and provide you with information about our community.

Fill out a newcomer’s card, tell us of your interests, how you found us, and of any questions we can answer. If you leave your email address, someone will be in touch. Make a name tag. Also partake of our delicious snack table with the coupon for newcomers. (Coffee and the snack table are in the Social Hall, to your right as you face the Welcome Table.) When you have coffee or tea before or after the service, we encourage you to use a purple mug to let us know you are new and would like to make connections. On your next time at UUCB, you’ll have a printed name tag waiting for you at the Welcome Table.

For Families with Children

Families are also invited to visit the Family Welcome Table in the Atrium. One of our Family Connectors will be waiting to welcome you. Look for the smiling face in a red apron.

Please fill out a Connection Card. This card helps us get to know you and your family, and provides us important safety info about your kids. Have your kids make name tags, and decorate the tags with stickers.

Families generally attend the first part of the 11:00 worship service together. Children’s classes begin after this multigenerational part of the service. For our youngest newcomers, childcare is available – you can drop your kids directly at our childcare area. (If you need directions, ask at the Welcome Table.)

Near the beginning of the 11:00 service, children and their parents are called forward for a story. Afterwards, the congregation will sing children to their classes, and you may escort your child to the Atrium and give the Connection Card to the Family Connector in the red apron.

You can return to the Sanctuary to enjoy worship, or attend class with your child.

After worship, pick up children grades 5 and younger, finding your way with the map of our campus on the Connection Card. Then, you and your children are welcome to come to the Atrium or Social Hall for snacks, or enjoy playtime on the playground and in our childcare facility.  Children can also stay on in our supervised community playspace until 1pm.

Middle school and high school youth go straight to their classroom at 11:00 (unless we are having All Age Worship) and may release themselves when their meetings end, with permission given on the card.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and your loved ones! If you have any questions, please reach out to our Family Ministry committee.

Each Sunday there are fun and inspiring activities for children, youth, and parents. You are welcome to explore our beautiful property beforehand, or attend one of our many activities for families.

See also What We Believe and FAQs about UU and UUCB.


Fill Out Newcomer Card