Strength of Will

Henry Ward Beecher once said “The difference between perseverence and obstinancy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t.” Join us this week as we consider what makes for a healthy approach to the harder parts of life.

How Do We Find Balance?

We’re told again and again to find balance: between work and play, activity and rest, ourselves and others. But there is no balance between justice and injustice. Our community supports justice-making with our efforts and our resources. On this Stewardship Sunday, hear how our contributions make a stronger community that makes justice in our world.

Leaning into Imbalance

Stability is often a marker of safety, sucess, and happiness. What does this mean for the times in our lives that are not so stable? How can we face and embrace imbalance – in our lives, communities, and the wider global village? How can we lean into our source and faith communities when everything seems off kilter?

Reverse RE Sunday

An important part of our liberal faith is that our growth and learning are a life-long pursuit. Yet, our time together each week seems to place higher value on learning for children than for adults. This Sunday, worship will begin as usual, but after the Time for All Ages, adults will leave the sanctuary to take part in one of several opportunities for growth and learning. The rest of worship will be geared towards children. Childcare will be available, as always, for our younger children, and middle and high school youth can choose whether they want to stay in worship or go to a workshop with the adults.

Celebration Sunday!

We welcome Unitarian Universalist Association Co-Moderator Barb Greve to our pulpit as we celebrate our community, turn in our pledge forms for the next fiscal year, and get energy to go do the work of justice in the world!