We are proud to be the home of:


The Good Earth School

A Nature Based School in Northern California. The Good Earth School provides each child (ages 18 months through 6)  with a quality experience by utilizing the outdoors and nature as opportunities for learning. The development of the whole child is maximized through an organic connection with nature.

The Kensington Symphony Orchestra

The Kensington Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra based in West Contra Costa County.  KSO membership consists of seasoned professionals, committed non-professional musicians, music educators and students from throughout the entire Bay Area.

Contra Costa Chorale

The Contra Costa Chorale is a nonprofit organization open to singers of various ages, backgrounds, and musical experience. The Chorale is committed to a high level of performance. It promotes the timeless tradition of choral singing as a community builder, providing open access to a diversity of singers and audiences alike.

The First Wesleyan Church of Tonga in America

The Vahefonua’s (church family) mission is to bring together its cluster of churches and unite them in glorifying and praising the Lord Jesus Christ through worship and song in ways familiar to our roots and religious experience; and as an immigrant group in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, the Vahefonua understands it must bridge the cultural gap between Tongan culture and Western culture in order to promote and build a healthy body of Christ in this adopted land.