Daniel Schmidt, director

Meets Thursdays at 5:30 pm

All are welcome at any time.

Gamelan is a pitched-percussion musical ensemble originating in Java and Bali. It is easy to learn for non-musicians. The experience of playing gamelan is very communal, with all players playing similar parts. The repertoire used at UUCB is drawn from Java, and includes western compositions of similar nature. The music has a meditative quality for all to enjoy.

Daniel has been teaching gamelan for 30 years. A composer and musical instrument builder, he teaches at Mills College and Aurora School. His compositions are often used by the Gamelan Ensemble. He is presently composer in residence at UUCB. The ensemble plays as part of the worship service on occasion.

Daniel teaches gamelan as an accessible art form, believing that it is the perfect music for beginners. There is also lots of challenge for people with a musical background. Anyone interested may drop in on Thursdays and try it out. For more information, send Daniel an email or call him at 510-334-1334.