Directions to UUCB’s Freestone Property

Street Address: 10635 Barnett Valley Road, Sebastopol, CA

Basic Map:


From the Marin side of the San Rafael Bridge, take Highway 101 North to Cotati/Rohnert Park.

Take exit 481B for CA-116 W toward Sebastopol

Continue on CA-116 W for 21 miles to downtown Sebastopol.

At Hwy 12, turn left, go 1 block, and go straight through traffic light.

This street now becomes Bodega Ave. Take Bodega Ave. 14.5 miles, turn left on Barnett Valley Rd.

Continue on Barnett Valley Rd. for 1.8 miles, then arrive at foot of Freestone property driveway.

Identify driveway turnoff by:

* Street Address: 10635 Barnett Valley Road

* Unitarian flame board posted about 6-feet high, above mailbox.

From top of driveway, take a 1/2 mile dirt/gravel road to Freestone Property.





About 200 yards down driveway, veer left though open chain-gate; house on right side.


Progress down steep hill


Pass trailer at left side of road


Come to “fence-gate” and drive straight through;  Veer to right at fork in road.


After you climb the hill and see dome structure to your left, continue on road and park in open level space behind dome.