Stewardship is showing we care about UUCB—what it has meant for ourselves and our loved ones and what it can mean for the wider world and future generations. Stewardship is taking responsibility for fairly compensating our church staff, maintaining our facilities, operating our programs, and sustaining our commitment to the greater Unitarian Universalist movement. “Stewards are caretakers with a forward vision. They hold something in trust. They ensure that it will be there in the future for the benefit of others. Successful stewards not only protect, but help something to improve and grow. Their actions are empowering. This is true regardless of whether we are stewards of the earth, institutions, people, or our Unitarian Universalist faith.” (From UUA curriculum, Stewardship: the Joy of Giving)


We build on foundations we did not lay.
We warm ourselves at fires we did not light.
We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant.
We drink from wells we did not dig.
We profit from persons we did not know.
We are ever bound in community.

~Deuteronomy 6:10-12, adapted by UU minister Rev. Dr. Peter S. Raible (1929-2004)

Yes, welcome to our vibrant, large, diverse and compassionate UUCB community where we share our stories.  We are fulfilling our hopes and dreams and our vision for the future.


As we enter a new era for UUCB and in these challenging times, we value UUCB more than ever to deepen our spiritual lives, nurture our communities and heal the world. We need each other. We need to share our love, talents, and yes our financial resources.

Your pledges are the largest source of funds to support UUCB. Your value for UUCB and your generosity are vital to our future together.

UUCB is a large operation (see How UUCB Works Financially), and requires strong support from all its members at whatever level they can afford. Please give generously to support this spiritual community for you and for generations to come.

Pledge forms are available for download here, and on the table outside the church offices.

Pledge FAQs

What is a Pledge?

A pledge is a promise to contribute a specific amount of money to UUCB over a specific period of time (typically a church year, which runs from July 1 to June 30). Collectively, pledges paid by the UUCB church community constitute about 50% of the income received by the church to fund all church operations

What is a Pledge Unit?

An individual or family who makes a pledge is referred to as a pledge unit.

Why and when are Pledges solicited?

UUCB operates under an annual operating budget prepared by church leadership and presented to and approved by the congregation at the annual meeting in May. A pledge drive is held in February/March/April to canvass the UUCB church community to make their pledges for the upcoming church year. The results of the pledge drive enable church leadership to project the pledge income for the upcoming church year and to set the budget accordingly.

Are church members expected to make pledges?

UUCB Bylaws state that a requirement of membership is an annual “contribution of record.” This can be done by pledging and paying off the pledge over time. Contributions can also be made, when possible, at any point in the church year. Be sure to mark the contribution with your name and as a contribution to UUCB. If financial constraints preclude doing either of these things, a waiver can be obtained from the ministers.

Do I need to be a member of the church to make a pledge?

No; we hope everyone will want to financially support the church and make a pledge.

How many people pledge to UUCB and how much is pledged?

For the 2018/2019 church year, there were 226 pledges, which total $482,201, and the median (one half above and one half below) pledge was $1,200. Pledges amount to about 50% of the church’s annual operating budget.

Can I set up automatic pledge payments?

Yes; go to the UUCB website ( and find the “Give” button at the top menu on the home page. Follow steps to Pledge Online, Create Password, Choose Our Giving in Menu, Choose Pledge. If you need help, contact or call the office at 510-525-0302.

What about changes to or questions about my pledge?

Yes; you can make a change to your pledge at any time. You may do so by letting Anne Greenwood know ( or 510-215-6620).

Does all of the money I give to the church count against my pledge commitment?

No; only pledge payments are applied to a pledge commitment. Other money given for a Good Neighbor organization, an auction item, church events, etc., do not. Please be sure to note “pledge payment” on the memo line of your check, or choose “pledge payment” when paying by credit card. If you pay in cash, please be sure to fill out a pew envelope (also available in the office to the left of the Office Administrator’s door) so it will be applied as a pledge payment to your account.

What happens to unpaid pledge commitments at the end of the church year?

Each church year ends on June 30. In early to mid-June, the church sends out a pledge status to each pledge unit, and adjusts pledges per the feedback received. If someone states that some/all of the amount owed will not be paid, that pledge is adjusted accordingly. If no feedback is received, future payments are applied to the unpaid pledge commitment until it is fully paid off.

2018 Tax law and Charitable Deductions

For the 2018 tax year filing under the new tax law, the new standard deduction may not enable itemized deductions for charitable contributions. Individuals age 70 1/2, who are doing required minimum distributions (RMD) from their IRAs, may be able to make a direct transfer charitable contribution (pledge) to the church from their RMD and lower their taxable adjusted gross income. For individuals not doing an RMD, a charitable donor advised trust or other options may be appropriate. Interested individuals should check with their tax preparer and/or legal counsel.