read-aloud-volunteerOur church has been active in supporting the Read-Aloud Volunteer Program (RAVP) since its founding in 1995. Many members have volunteered through the years to read once weekly or more to elementary children in the district’s Title I schools (schools at which over 70% of the students are eligible for subsidized breakfast and lunch).

Children who are regularly read to by someone who cares about them develop increased curiosity, resilience and enjoyment in life and at school. Our volunteer readers build relationships with their students and open their minds to the universe to be found in books and also provide the regular presence of a caring adult in the children’s lives.

Twice monthly the students choose a favorite book to keep, thus helping them start a home library containing a dozen or more new books by the end of the school year.

We also sponsor the yearly Orientation event at the church in the fall and designate one of our monthly plate collections to Read-Aloud. This connection with children in schools in less affluent areas builds bridges between our church community and those of many immigrant and more marginalized families within the school district as a whole.

To learn more contact Judy Sam.