9:30 am - 10:45 am


The Summer Forum is delighted to have the Peace and Justice Center’s former Executive Director, Paul George, talk with UUCB.  The Peninsula Peace and Justice Center is the area’s leading grassroots voice for peace, justice & human rights.  Peninsula Peace believes democracy occurs every day – when people actively participate. Based in Palo Alto, they present the world’s leading progressive speakers, produce a free monthly forum, and when needed, organize demonstrations, vigils, and petition campaigns. Since 1981, they have been the local face of effective grassroots action.

“The Peninsula Peace and Justice Center has been one of the most effective of the activist groups.” – Prof. Noam Chomsky

Mr. George provided us with this powerful statement:  “Democracy in the United States is at a critical crossroad, with minority rule looming as a very real possibility in the not-too-distant future. The ominous signs are everywhere: voter suppression and so-called “election integrity” legislation passed or under consideration in numerous statehouses, a U.S. Senate paralyzed by a filibuster invoked by the minority party, and a former president who continues to spew lies about the 2020 election results.”

Paul will address these threats to democracy and what we must do to avert them.  He was the Executive Director of Peninsula Peace and Justice Center for 30 years until his retirement in 2019. Paul has been a grassroots political organizer for over 50 years. He has worked in electoral politics, labor union organizing, and international solidarity. Peninsula Peace and Justice Center has been the leading grassroots activist organization on the San Francisco Peninsula for nearly 40 years.

This will truly be an enlightening presentation AND conversation — not to be missed.

LINKS provided by Paul George

Peace and Justice Center Video (excellent):  https://www.youtube.com/ppjcvideo

Brennan Center for Justice

Democracy Docket

Ari Berman’s articles at Mother Jones magazine

Sen. Dianne Feinstein contact info (ask her to vote to remove the Filibuster–one of most destructive abilities of our Congress).
(202) 224-3841
(415) 393-0707

Peace and Justice Center ACTION ALERT regarding Feinstein and the filibuster: