10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Want to own some original Transylvanian art or craft pieces? The Transylvanian Partner Church Committee is having an art and embroidery sale on Sunday, July 14 in the Atrium. We have acquired a number of pieces of art and craft pieces during our visits to our partner church in Homorόdύjfalu. Some pieces have been gifts to us, but we have also purchased embroidery from the craftswomen in the village. It’s a labor of love that deserves some compensation for the time and attention given to their handicrafts.

The embroidery is traditionally done with red yard on a background of undyed handwoven cloth. We also have pieces done with green, blue or black yarn. We will also be offering some hand painted woodcraft. Most of the designs on both embroidery and painted wood are floral, reflecting the native plants and flowers in the village’s area of Transylvania. All the proceeds from the sale will benefit the people of Homorόdύjfalu directly or support our committee activities. Check our table on Sunday, July 7 for a preview of sale items.