9:30 am - 10:30 am

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Our wonderful Executive Director, Tess Snook O’Riva, has asked for this Personal Theology time to share with our congregation the ins and outs of the UUCB budgeting process. Tess jokes that formulating the annual budget for UUCB could be compared to the process of making sausage.  But she takes very seriously how the church spends our pledge monies, our rental income and income from special events.

So, if you think that budget talks are boring, it means that you’ve never had Tess talk to you about how we spend our monies.  You’re in for a treat, Seriously!!  Okay maybe not a treat but certainly an enlightening and transparent hour on how our UUCB budget is formulated and WHY. 

You’ll definitely come away with a comprehensive understanding from Tess about our budgeting process; and, of course, Tess will answer any profound questions that you may come up with to stump her!