9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Everyone has had or knows someone who has had a paranormal experience. Experiences that we’ve all heard about using some of these terms: ghosts, ESP, telekinesis, reincarnation, auras, psychics, prophetic dreams, mystical experiences, life after death, auditory messages. How do we talk about these “real,” albeit anecdotal, experiences? How do we listen to others who have had genuine, unexplained events occur to them? Do we roll our eyes secretly or obviously? Do we try to explain away these events to reassure ourselves of our “rational” world? Come share your experiences in a “safe sharing” environment. You will come away from the workshop with a renewed sense that life is bigger than we normally experience, and that we are connected in more ways than we can explain. This workshop is not for people who want to debunk, rationalize or dismiss others’ real experiences. Rather, it will be a safe place of deep listening and respect.
Donation to UUCB: $10.00. Email Lonnie Moseley (lonniemoseley@hotmail.com) to register.

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