9:30 am - 10:30 am

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As UUs, we KNOW how education is a great equalizer for correcting racial and ethnic disparities.  And historically, we know how the denial of education for African Americans was used as a tool of cruel power and disenfranchisement. 

Well, something is happening in the Berkeley Schools (K through high school) that needs our attention and volunteer support.  Berkeley schools are in trouble and the test scores for children of color are not keeping up with national standards.  The reasons vary but one thing is for sure.  They need our volunteer support.

So, UUCB is lucky that Sally McLaughlin, Schools Support Volunteer Manager for the Berkeley school district, BUSD, is set to be our Summer Forum speaker on June 9. 

Our board member and social justice advocate, Helen Toy, is a volunteer to Berkeley Schools.  Helen designed the Social Justice Council’s new Sponsored Project, “Let’s Support Equity in Berkeley Schools” and asked Sally McLaughlin to speak to us and describe students’ and teachers’ needs and the many ways we can be of help.  

Sally will also be joined by one of her wonderful colleagues from the district’s Office of Family Engagement & Equity, Jocelyn Foreman.

Please attend, if you can, in-person or online, to find out what our Berkeley children and youth need.