9:30 am - 10:30 am

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Performing artist, Josh Kornbluth, will be presenting “Some Thoughts on Empathy” to UUCB’s Personal Theology program.  Josh has been performing autobiographical monologues, on stages across the country and around the world, for over 30 years. He has written and starred in two feature films, Haiku Tunnel and Love & Taxes, both directed by his brother Jacob Kornbluth. His book Red Diaper Baby collects three of his solo shows; he has also recorded two audiobooks, Red Diaper Baby: Three Comic Monologues and Ben Franklin: Unplugged … and Other Comic Monologues. For two years he hosted an interview program on KQED-TV, cleverly titled The Josh Kornbluth Show. He was a visiting artist, and later a volunteer, at the Zen Hospice Project. He was a fellow at the Global Brain Health Institute, based at UCSF — an experience that led to his latest solo show, Citizen Brain, and a series of videos connecting brain science and social justice, also titled “Citizen Brain” (citizenbrain.org). You can find him at joshkornbluth.com.

Performance Artist, John Kornbluth