9:30 am - 10:30 am

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We’re grateful to Dr. Karen Voorhees for opening the Personal Theology year with a talk entitled, “A Report From Tomorrow, or Why I Am Still (Cautiously) Optimistic About the Future.” Dr. Voorhees, a member of UUCB, is a brilliant thinker, historian and humanitarian. This not-to-be-missed talk will build on her two previous Personal Theology presentations, and be largely based on her long-term experience with the work of Ken Wilber, especially his recent massive tome “The Religion of Tomorrow.”

As Karen Voorhees was finishing her Ph.D. in Medieval Studies at Cal in 1981, she discovered her spiritual path. She left academia to pursue her meditations, while making her living as a homemaker and caregiver. She also became active in the not-for-profit world, including incorporating and managing her guru’s organization. From 2003 on, much of her time has been dedicated to late-life and hospice care for elderly friends and relatives. Her passion for big history, the humanities, and spirituality have remained with her throughout, and are now driving her current career as visionary essayist and novelist.