9:30 am - 10:30 am

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Intense spiritual experiences are often experienced while participating in a Sweat Lodge ceremony. We are grateful to our Personal Theology speaker, Cuauhtémoc Mendoza (Geno), for sharing about the purification rites and health benefits of the Sweat Lodge.  Geno will take us through the history, culture, and spirituality of Sweat Lodges.  This is a not to be missed presentation. This talk is best experienced in person at UUCB’s Fireside room as our speaker, Geno Mendoza, will be in-person.  And it will also be live streamed on Zoom.

Cuauhtémoc Mendoza (also known as Geno) is a Mexica-Uto-Nahuatl. He has lived with his family in Lake County, Northern California since 1990 and stewards over 600 acres of private land in the Mendocino forest wilderness. Geno is the founder of Tloque Nauaque Teocalli, an Indigenous cultural educational non-profit organization. Their mission is to establish and maintain a place for cultural revitalization and healing ceremonies that restore our families and communities. Geno is a husband-father-grandfather.