12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

The LFDC (Literature, Film and Drama Contingent of the Confronting Racism and Oppression Project of UUCB’s Social Justice Council) holds a Fishbowl Conversation each year based on a particular aspect of people’s identity. In the past, we’ve focused on social class, disability, and gender. What is a Fishbowl?  The Fishbowl format allows for people with a particular similarity to have a conversation, while others witness without commenting. This year’s topic: Race!

We will have two fishbowls: one for people who identify as people of color and one for people who identify as white. First one group of “fish” will have a conversation about race, guided with questions from the facilitator and silently witnessed by everyone else gathered. Then the other group will have their conversation on race, similarly guided and witnessed. The witnesses will have the chance to write questions for the facilitator to ask the fish, but otherwise will participate only by listening and holding space for the fish in the fishbowl.

Please let Julia Roberts know (socialjustice@uucb.org) if you would like to be one of the “fish” — in either fishbowl. You’ll have a chance to see the questions ahead of time. We’ve had a few volunteers so far and would be happy to have more. Feedback from past fish has been positive.

Click this Link to join us.  Meeting ID: 743 875 0207