11:13 am - 12:15 pm
R.E. Building – Rooms 3 & 4

Our Words Matter

Our 5th UU principle tells us that every person deserves a vote in issues that concern them. This principle is an important aspect of our faith as it serves as a pillar for our democratic process. Understanding this principle is a key element in understanding our social justice roots. How are our voices heard in our Unitarian Universalist context and why is this so important to us? Through creative engagement we will focus on this principle and how it allows us to create our Beloved Community.


Take home

Focus on the democratic process at work in the home and community. Understanding that this process is applied in a variety of ways will help us understand the complexities of this process and having our voices heard.


Practice speaking up or communicating your view and opinion. What are ways that this is difficult and how can we practice this more in our lives?


What can be some difficulties of communicating our opinions and why is it important that we communicate openly yet respectfully?



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