9:30 am - 10:45 am

Personal Theology will host the chairs of two vital groups at UUCB: the People of Color Caucus (POCC) and the Whites Opposed to White Supremacy (WOWS).
Helen Tinsley-Jones, chair of POCC, and Julia Rogers, chair of WOWS, will share their personal stories of religious/spiritual herstory plus how they came to UUCB.
They will enlighten us as to how they work together and with others to foster a community of love, acceptance, and self-reflection.

Helen and Julia are talented, thoughtful, and gentle in teaching others how to overcome fear and to be kind to and recognize all beings as worthy of love and respect. You will truly enjoy and take away valuable nuggets from this heartfelt, timely and personal conversation with Helen and Julia on “Beloved Community.”

Helen Tinsley-Jones is a member of the UUCB Board of Trustees, Social Justice Council,  co-facilitator of the Widening the Circle of Concern Task Force of the Board, co-facilitator of the People of Color Caucus and facilitator of the Honoring Indigenous Peoples Group.  She is a retired clinical psychologist, worked in private practice and @ Kaiser Dept. of Psychiatry in Vallejo. Julia Rogers also is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist at Kaiser Richmond. She is a founding member of the Social Justice Council, leader of WOWS (Whites Opposing White Supremacy), and a practitioner of NVC (non-violent communication). Julia has lived in several countries and shares her lovely soprano voice with our church as evidenced at Vespers on 2/3.