11:00 am - 12:15 pm
R.E. Building – Rooms 6 & 7

Stone Soup

The children will help to prepare and cook soup together to illustrate the principle that sharing makes things better, even when we don’t see the advantages. Bring a vegetable to share or use one provided. Read Marcia Brown’s Stone Soup.

Take Home: We made Stone Soup and heard the story of “Stone Soup” by Marcia Brown. One of the nice themes of the story is the acknowledgement that we all may need a bit of coaxing to bring out the best in us. Those villagers didn’t feel like sharing at first, but the soldiers taught them that by sharing, the community could be bigger than its different parts. Pars Pro Toto: The whole is bigger than its parts. That’s why we attend a UU congregation. This is the same message taught in the parable of the Loaves and the Fishes. Jesus brought out the best in each person when he persuaded all to share. Suddenly there was enough bread and fish to go around.