11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Family Ministry Office, R.E. Building – Rooms 1 & 2

Today, we will discover the miracle of transformation in nature, the human spirit, and in human communities. We will listen to a folktale from Korea, and consider the miracle within the human lifespan. Within a scientific experiment at our Transformation Stations, we will observe the changing states of water, and explore solubility. Finally, we will share miracle moments that we had during this experiment, review our unique definitions of miracles, and share how they may have changed since our first meeting.


Take Home: Today we explored the transformation of water from liquid to gas to solid; we also discussed the power of transformation on a spiritual level. There are several options for furthering this discussion of transformation. For younger students, hands-on/sensory experiences of transformation are more accessible; for older students, consider discussing how peers can influence and transform habits and behavior. Make a cup of hot liquid, and after putting ice cubes in the tea, observe how they melt and the cracking sounds they make. Or, talk about the process of growing up, and how you may get taller or shorter during your lifespan.