11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Family Ministry Office, R.E. Building – Rooms 1 & 2

Today, we will explore definitions of miracles and express our ideas about the nature of miracles. We will hear creation stories, learn about the Big Bang Theory, and complete an art project that helps us conceptualize the universe on a human scale. Along the way, we will share experiences that have given us a universal sense of wonder and mystery. Finally, we’ll create a list of miracles affirmed by the group that we will use for future sessions.


Take Home: Today, we introduced the concept of a miracle, and developed a working definition of a miracle. Further that discussion at home. Ask each family member what they consider miraculous; talk about the miracle of creation and the qualities miracles imbue; consider channeling gratefulness for a particular event, object, or dynamic in your household. “I am thankful for goodnight hugs and knowing I am loved,” or “I am grateful that we have an apple tree in the backyard.”