Information from HIP’s 11/7/21 Presentation  

in honor of 

Native American Heritage Month 


Hello dear member and friends, 


Below youll find links to important and inspiring information that the Honoring Indigenous Peoples Group (HIP) presented at the 11/7/21 LFDMC meeting. 

We heartily encourage you to check them out!  


Youll find links to two informative and powerful videos, highlighting Indigenous leaders and suggestions of actions to take as our church community continues our work in being in right relations with Indigenous peoples. And, of course, please our HIP blog, for lots of information and inspiration with regard to local and national Indigenous communities! 


Interested in joining HIP?  For more info, please contact us @ 




Ann-Marie Sayers (9.5 min); 

Hopi Messenger–Thomas Banyacya (12 min); 


Some Actions to Take 


  • Advocate for legislation, e.g., 


Books to Read 


Malcolm Margolin, The Ohlone Way(1st ed. 1978, latest 2014) 

Damon B. Akins and William J. Bauer Jr., We Are the Land: A History of Native California (2021) 

Deborah A. Miranda, Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir (2014) 


in loving community, 

UUCBs HIP Group 

Mimi Bull, Carol Carlisle, Rev. Michelle Collins, Ann Harlow, Lynne Henderson, Don Klose, Wyndy Knox Carr, Helen Tinsley-Jones, Anne Wardell, Julie Winkelstein