9:30 am - 10:30 am

Christians who claim to follow Jesus have acquiesced in, and supported, racism and misogyny. In this talk, we consider what Jesus would have to say and do about some of the major issues of our time, such as trampling on the immigrant, cutting healthcare for millions, continuing systemic racism, and objectifying women.

Craig Scott and his wife Karen have been members of UUCB since 1998. Craig is a retired UU minister, having served the congregation in Sonora, CA from 2005 through 2014. Before going into ministry, he was an attorney, practicing with several Legal Aid offices and then with the University of California.

In 2014 Rev. Craig re-energized UUCBs previous social justice activities and along with other members designed the new Social Justice Council and its foremost program, “Confronting Racism and Oppression.” He is proud to see that the Council continues to flourish. Craig and Karen now live on the Monterey Peninsula; they miss the UUCB community very much.

YouTube Video link to song “Song by Woody Guthrie performed by U2” by Woody Guthrie, performed by U2 used by Rev. Scott in his presentation.

Historical and traditional images of Images of Jesus Christ shown by Rev. Scott during his presentation.