Each month we share our offerings from the Sunday worship services with local and national non-profit organizations serving the community, particularly those serving people in need. A different group is selected each month to receive these much needed funds.
In the past five years, through the generosity of UUCB members, friends, and Sunday visitors, over $100,000 has been donated to more than 25 organizations. For more information, or to suggest a new Good Neighbor organization, please contact the Social Justice Council.

  • December 2017 Good Neighbor

    Berkeley Food and Housing Project provides emergency food, shelter,
    housing placement and support services to homeless individuals and families.


  • November 2017 Good Neighbor

    The Richmond Emergency Food Pantry is a 100% volunteer organization. The Pantry’s only administrative expenses are rent, insurance and the cost of a once-a-year fundraising mailing. Every penny beyond that is spent on the food operations, putting food into the hands of more than 40,000 hungry people in our local community.

  • October 2017 Good Neighbor

    Responding to the Call to Service, Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP) transforms the lives of homeless, hungry and disenfranchised people.

  • September 2017 Good Neighbor


    September Good Neighbor (sharing our offerings): Read-Aloud Volunteer Program is a relationship-based program that fosters in children the joy and love of learning through reading and story-telling. The Read-Aloud Volunteer Program is a non-profit organization that recruits and places adult volunteers to read one-on-one with children in Richmond and San Pablo Elementary schools.

  • August 2017 Good Neighbor

    The Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of California advances justice in our state by cultivating and connecting leaders and communities, and by empowering the public voice of those who share UU values and principles.

  • July 2017 Good Neighbor

    Bay Area Community Land Trust. A non-profit organization to support community ownership of land and community improvements — with a vision of permanently affordable, resident-owned cooperative housing communities to benefit workers, families, students, seniors, disabled, low and middle income folks from diverse backgrounds, now and forever.

  • June 2017 Good Neighbor

    Developing Indigenous Resources is a small NGO testing an innovative approach to development in selected slums in Punjab, India. When a permanent solution has been brought to any serious, chronic problem, it is almost invariably brought by the people who have the problem. We facilitate the people in developing countries solving their own problems, thereby enabling them to bring about their own form of national development.

  • May 2017 Good Neighbor

    Planting Justice. “We are transforming the food system one garden at a time. In the last 6 years, our team of formerly incarcerated landscapers has built over 400 edible gardens throughout the East Bay, empowering hundreds of people to grow their own food. Now, we’re cultivating urban farms and training centers that will dramatically increase the scope and scale of this work.”        

  • April 2017 Good Neighbor

    YEAH! (Youth Engagement, Advocacy and Housing). Our mission is to support young adults (18-24) in Berkeley who are currently homeless. We provide basic necessities, offer case management and counseling, linkages to education, employment and housing, and opportunities for meaningful community involvement.         

  • March 2017 Good Neighbor

    Since 2001, WriterCoach Connection (writercoachconnection.org) has sent teams of trained community volunteers into secondary school English classrooms in Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito and Richmond to work one on one with students on their writing assignments. The program helps students:

    • Raise writing proficiency
    • Develop critical thinking
    • Build academic confidence