11:14 am - 12:15 pm
Family Ministry Office

Footprints: Treading Softly on Earth

This session focuses on interconnections. It communicates to children both facts and meaning of the interdependent web of life, and aims to instill the need to act responsibly. Participants will hear a true story about human attempts to control nature with unexpected (and undesirable) results. With an emphasis on living in balance and harmony with nature and being mindful — even shrinking — the footprint we humans leave on planet Earth, “Balance” will be added to the Moral Compass poster.


Take Home:

Today we focused on interconnectedness and the ways that this brings us closer to beloved community.

Play a Game: Games like “Twister” or “Connect Four” demonstrate the ways in which what we do affect others. Consider playing games as a family, focusing on the ways in which we are connected with one another.


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