Buildings and Grounds Committee, October 2018

We have new curtain panels on six windows in the Sanctuary! Finally completed, this was a truly collaborative building project with many starts and restarts. The purpose of these panels is to reduce the daylight coming toward the projection screen and for candlelight services. We now … read more.

Music Matters, October 2018

October begins with Music Sunday, the 7th, a service titled “Music: Sanctuary for your Soul.” Music can hold us when we need a safe space, a gentle assurance, when we need to feel hope, to find optimism. We will explore how music helps us deal with … read more.

Partner Church Committee, October 2018

Romania is preparing for a national referendum that would define marriage as between one man and one woman. Mike Pence was recently in Bucharest. Is there a connection or are these separate issues? Well, they are separate, but it took going to Romanian and Russian … read more.

Social Justice, October 2018

Literature, Film and Drama Contingent: 
The Labor Day weekend LFDC meeting found members and guests full of appreciation – for MAUBs (moments of awareness of unconscious bias) and the closer attention many of us now pay to our thought processes regarding people and situations; for … read more.

Program Council News, October 2018

UUCB’s third annual exuberant appearance in the Solano Stroll Parade brought an enthusiastic response from the onlookers on Sept 9th. Our distinctive yellow “On the Side of Love” shirts and banners declaring our concerns drew applause and words of encouragement – LGBTQ Rights, Black Lives … read more.

Coordinating Team Notes, October 2018

As you are no doubt aware, these are very challenging times for our church financially. Three years of deficit budgets, caused largely by lower membership and rising building and personnel expenses, have depleted our operating cash. Even though this year’s budget is balanced, we have … read more.

President’s Column, October 2018

Jack Duggan


This is a very uncomfortable time for some of us at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley. We’re being asked to look at ourselves and to change. Asked may be a nice way of putting it. We’re having to look at ourselves and as … read more.

Community Ministry, October 2018

Rev. Theresa Hardy, Community Minister

What to do?

What to do when we of good conscience feel powerless? I have been asking myself this question for two years. With each new move towards autocracy and continued inequality in our country, the desire to answer this question reaches … read more.

From the Ministers, October 2018

Dear friends,

Here at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley our theme of the month is sanctuary. We will be delving into this rich theme throughout October in worship, and many of the break-out sessions during Reverse RE Sunday on October 14 will explore different aspects of sanctuary as … read more.

Family Ministry, October 2018

Merrin Clough, Director of Family Ministry

It is an intense time here at the UU Church of Berkeley. The current financial challenges related to the deficit and cash flow problems have been a real challenge for church leaders. As a result of balancing the budget we … read more.