Comments by Kerry Simpson during worship, 4/26/20

Hello! As your Board President, I just wanted to take a moment to speak to you about some resources available to help you process and cope in this difficult time.

First and foremost, we are a community, and as such are here for each other. From a team of Easter Bunny helpers to our own grocery delivery volunteers, we take care of each other, and it warms my heart to see it.

As your Board, we are making every effort to be here for you, listening to your ideas and concerns, and inviting you to be engaged with our processes. Tess, our Executive Director, has started an Ask UUCB virtual chat to answer your questions about how UUCB is handling this transition as an institution. Board members are hosting open forums to listen to your concerns, and we have changed our process to ensure all congregants can access our virtual Board meetings. The UUA has provided materials and resources to guide us in this time of transition. Details on all of this can be found on our website at and in The Week Ahead newsletter.

We know that the challenges we are facing as a congregation are happening within what is already an unparalleled event in history. We are living in the times our descendants will study about in school. Hopefully they will learn from these times and follow our example of caring for each other every day and finding solace in the community we have created.

Thank you, and may you and yours be safe and well.