welcome110Our Youth and Children’s Choir offers elementary through high schoolers the opportunity to experience themselves as music-makers, as peace-makers, and as collaborative visionaries and creative worship leaders.

Members of the Choir learn not only to sing and play percussion instruments, but also to listen for and respect each person’s unique gifts, including their own.

This intentionally multi-age group is directed by a professional music educator.

Giving Voice to the Soul

An evening’s worth of reality television might convince you that singing is something people do only to win prizes, recording contracts, and personal recognition. Yet singing is a fundamental means of expression. It’s everyone’s birthright and an important tool for building human relationships. We sing to soothe babies to sleep and to comfort the dying. We sing to honor our country, beloved friends, and sacred ideals. When we sing together, we connect with one another at a soul level. We can feel completely unharried, completely present. Children need singing as much as they need arithmetic and, well taught, they will sing throughout their lives – to comfort, to honor, to connect.

About Our Music

We learn folk, classical, and popular songs in unison and two-to three-part harmony, often arranging them to make them our own. We prepare choral readings and practice good speaking, as well as good singing habits. We create original melodies using xylophones and tone bars. We incorporate drums and body percussion whenever possible.

We often sing a cappella, or accompany ourselves with xylophones and tone bars. Sometimes we’re joined by a guitar player, a mandolin player, or both. Once or twice a year, we collaborate with Bryan Baker and the adult choir, singing as a “choir within a choir.” Working in different kinds of ensembles not only meets the singers’ self-expressed need for variety, but also strengthens the group’s overall musicianship.

Joining the Choir

The Choir is open to all children and youth, ages 5 ½ and up. Prior musical experience is not required. We rehearse at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings, September through May, in the Meditation Room (below the Sanctuary). We help lead the Sunday worship service once or twice per month. Occasionally we participate in other music events. We would love to have you join us. For more information, contact Dr. Bryan Baker.

Children of all ages who are interested in other music performance opportunities may contact Dr. Bryan Baker, our Director of Music, to discuss solo or small-group auditions.