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Company / Cuisine Contact Phone
Ann’s Catering, Berkeley Ann Lauer  510-649-0869
American comfort food
Aurora Catering, Castro Valley Marty and Dawn Deardorf  510-582-9529
Regional seasonal cuisine
Blue Heron Catering, Oakland Debbie Pfisterer  510-533-0781
Authentic ethnic food
California Rose Catering, Berkeley Dov and Rosa Sims  510-644-4473
Latin American+Asian flavors
Englund’s Catering Service, Concord Derry Englund  925-609-5989
Traditional catering fare
Flavors Catering, Oakland Russell Bass  510-350-8840
World flavors, sustainably sourced
Greenleaf Platters, Berkeley Hugh Groman  510-647-5165
Farm-to-table, locally sourced
Hugh Groman Catering, Berkeley Hugh Groman  510-647-5165
French/Italian/Spanish fusion
James Standfield Catering, So. San Francisco Marcial Hernandez 650-583-3180
American/Asian/Latin American/Mexican/Middle Eastern
Poulet, Berkeley Jesse Savell  510-845-5932
Fresh, healthy, gourmet food
RMD Catering & Events, Kensington Richard Dawkins  510-495-5188
Farm to table
Serves You Right Catering, Berkeley Marcie Wyss 510-527-8809
Multi-ethnic + vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free
The Arlington, Kensington Trish McDermott  510-525-2757
The Vegetarian Gourmet, Oakland Margaret Riesen  510-865-2935
Organic vegetarian & world cuisines

NOTE:  If you wish to retain a catering company not on this list, or if you opt to self-cater, you will be charged an additional $250 security deposit.

UUCB Preferred Caterers - Rev 2019