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Thoughts on Giving

Giving is one of life’s great satisfactions, especially when you know that your gifts will improve the lives of others. As members and friends of UUCB, many of us give of our time, talent and treasure in many different ways. Whether it is volunteer work or making an annual pledge, these are the gifts that maintain the daily operation of our church. UUCB is a large operation (see: how church finances work), and requires strong support from all its members at whatever level they can afford. Please give generously.

Single gifts

Give in the moment: make donations as the spirit moves you. use cash or an envelope (in the pews), and submit it in the offering plate or through the office mail slot


Give regularly for each fiscal year: make a pledge of regular support for UUCB. (see below). Managing pledging is a key function of the UUCB’s Stewardship Program.


Give for the long term: make a gift to the UUCB Endowment

Pledging for 2016-2017

The pledge form for the 2016-2017 pledge year is also available on the table outside the church offices.

  • Pledges and payments may be made by credit card with the form in the pews, or by calling Alisa Gould Sugden in the office during office hours.
  • fill out the form; note that the option to fill the form out online (mentioned in the form) is not available yet.
  • get it back to us:
    • send it to the church by email (stewardship@uucb.org), or
    • print and send by mail (attention: Stewardship, UUCB, 1 Lawson Rd., Kensington, CA 94707), or
    • fax (Pledge Drive: 510.525.9631), or
    • drop it off at the church offices.

UUCB 2016-2017 Pledge Thermometer


Pledging 2016-2017: Over the Top!

Thanks to all who have contributed to our goal of $529,000. As of July 4, 2016 we have pledges and gifts equaling $529,436. Congratulations! Let’s see how high we can go now to insure our future! Select here for information about how to pledge, and an interactive graphic about the 2016-2017 drive.

Online giving

Online: We are in the midst of setting up and launching InFellowship, a portal for “just plain folk” to an online information management system, called Fellowship One. We hope that Fellowship One will help keep UUCB organized, and more effectively provide the information services we need.

  • Phase 1: (available now) Create a profile (access InFellowship).
  • Phase 2: (beginning) Use the services to manage UUCB information (eg., directories, mailing lists, searching).
  • Phase 3: (sometime, maybe) Use the services to make gifts.