Topic: Mystery

Becoming Great Souls

An essential element of spiritual growth is embracing and appreciating an ever-wider diversity of contrasting ideas, views, and possibilities. Process theologian Bernard Loomer called this quality S-I-Z-E,” and it calls each of us to enlarge ourselves to find beauty and harmony in ever-expanding diversity. It also applies to the spiritual growth of congregations as a whole. What does it look like?

Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols

In this contemplative service of lessons and carols, our gifted choir will help us weave together sacred narration, modern poetry, prayer, traditional carols, special music, and candlelight for a refreshing take on what the Christmas story means for us today. All are invited to stay and enjoy the candlelight after the service has ended.

Christmas Eve Family Service

In this shorter service geared toward children and families, we will hear the Christmas story, sing carols, pray, and light hand-held candles together. Everyone is invited to bring cookies to share after the service!

Stardust Blessings

Through story, song, and ritual, this service will celebrate the glory of the stars and the many blessings that night has to offer. This is a service for all ages!


In this season of lights, of darkness, of mystery and joy, there is also the theme of waiting. Whether you’re a child waiting for presents, a soon-to-be parent awaiting a birth or adoption, we share the experience of expectation.