Speaker: Jim Gasperini

Blessing of the Animals

Morning Worship

11:00 to 11:45 a.m.

Reviving a longtime UUCB ritual, we will celebrate the animal companions and neighbors that bless us with their presence in our lives. Since most animals prefer to be blessed within the comfort and safety of their homes, this ritual seems well suited to online celebration. We will gather on Facebook Live and YouTube. A longtime member of UUCB, Jim Gasperini has served as Worship Associate, Chalice Circle Facilitator, and Webmaster.

Rev. Michelle Collins, the new Interim Minister for UUCB, will be introduced.

Virtual Coffee Hour

11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
On Zoom. After worship we invite you… {read more]

From the Burning Bush to Burning Man

Something about lighting a fire signifies: “now we choose actions with serious intent.” Our lighting a UU chalice is one of many types of fire ritual. Fire can symbolize creation and destruction, comfort and cruelty, the eternal and the ephemeral, the power of intense emotion and the illusory nature of all experience, the brightness of Heaven and the torments of Hell. How can a single phenomenon represent so many concepts? What makes fire such a versatile engine of ritual?

BIOGRAPHY: Jim Gasperini is currently writing a cultural history of fire entitled Fire in the Mind. A longtime member of UUCB, he has served as Worship Associate, Chalice Circle Facilitator, and Webmaster. He has authored educational computer games, books for children about history, and interactive multimedia works of art. A longtime “burner” (attendee of the Burning Man festival), he was a member of the High Council of the Burning Man Opera.

Athletic Beauty

Join us as we explore the grace, beauty, competition, and triumph of the athletic endeavor. Whether you love sports or hate them, whether you were first-team All-American or never wanted to leave the bleachers, there’s something we can all learn and appreciate.

Freedom Sunday

The Worship Service on Sunday, February 24 has been named “Freedom Sunday.” There will be a wonderful tribute to the African American Spiritual — highlighting the hidden messages within the spirituals — which were songs of freedom and codes for escaping to Freedom. The music, readings and sharing will focus on Freedom — both for a peoples who were enslaved but also what does Freedom mean for all of us in our lives, in the lives of our immigrant brothers and sisters? In the lives of our LGBTQ community? Come, sing, dance and honor the music that kept African Americans hopeful and listen to the stories of Freedom from our Worship Team. After the service, lunch will be served in the Social Hall and we’ll continue with dancing and singing together!

Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols

In this contemplative service of lessons and carols, our gifted choir will help us weave together sacred narration, modern poetry, prayer, traditional carols, special music, and candlelight for a refreshing take on what the Christmas story means for us today. All are invited to stay and enjoy the candlelight after the service has ended.