Speaker: with Jeanne Foster

Beyond the Eye of the Beholder

While the way we measure beauty varies across time, culture, and individuals, human beings seem to instincutally try to protect things they think are beautiful. This week in worship we will explore this instinct and the role beauty can play in growing our compassion and moral sensibility.

The Possibilities Among Us

Church is one of the last places in our society where people don’t have to be segregated by age, yet so many of our experiences in this congregation are still divided according to how old we are. This week in worship we will consider how worshipping and learning together as a whole community more often could open us up to the possibilities already right here among us.

Becoming Great Souls

An essential element of spiritual growth is embracing and appreciating an ever-wider diversity of contrasting ideas, views, and possibilities. Process theologian Bernard Loomer called this quality S-I-Z-E,” and it calls each of us to enlarge ourselves to find beauty and harmony in ever-expanding diversity. It also applies to the spiritual growth of congregations as a whole. What does it look like?

The Shadow Side

11 a.m.

Often, darkness is equated with despair, what is unwanted, what we want to rid ourselves of. But how is darkness transformed when we approach it from a place of respect, hope, and love? What lessons can we learn from our shadow side? How can we sit in and with our shadow?

What Does It Mean To Be UU?

9:30 and 11:15 a.m.

Join us this Sunday as we explore who we are as Unitarian Universalists. Through story, art, and song we will learn how and why we are a people of living tradition, people who change, and a people who change the world. This is a service for all ages!