Inner Sanctuary

When so much in our lives and our world is uncertain, when trouble comes our way, where do we turn for comfort and rest? Overworking, alcohol, and other distractions provide only temporary relief, and usually leave the underlying problem unaddressed. This week in worship we’ll dig deep in search of the solace of inner sanctuary.

Attempting church

One of our new ends is: “People rely on UUCB in time of need.” Being a sanctuary congregation, helping people in a great time of need, relate to mission on congregation. How will we move forward into our vision? Is Freestone central to our mission and vision as a congregation?

Music: Sanctuary for your Soul

Music can hold us when we need a safe space, a gentle assurance, when we need to feel hope, to find optimism. We will explore how music helps us deal with life’s challenges with a brand new work for strings, piano and chorus by the young Norwegian-American composer Ola Gjeilo. And through spirituals and music that carries the aspiration of young and old.

Wake Now Our Vision

This week in worship we will explore potential future directions our congregation might to take as we strive to deeply live out our purpose as a liberal religious community in the East Bay. Note: we will have our first annual All Church Evacuation Drill at the end of the service.

In Search of the ‘Real’ America

As we get closer to November’s election, the President and his administration continue to refer only to some people as “real” Americans. So, where does that leave everyone else? This week in worship we will reconsider our faith’s central affirmation that all people have inherent worth, and how this simple yet bold claim is the moral foundation our nation most needs right now.

Labor and Pleasure

We think of labor as hard, as grinding, as painful. This sense is as old as Eve, as old as life itself. But is that the only way? What if labor could be a pleasure?

Water Ceremony & Blessing of the Backpacks

This week in worship we kick off a year of learning and growing together by blessing the backpacks our children and youth will take with them into the new school year and by bringing and blessing waters in this annual ceremony. Please bring a small container of water with you this Sunday, symbol of the gifts, perspectives, needs, and growing edges you bring into our community.