9:30 am - 10:45 am
Fireside Room

Phil Cousineau is a long-time collaborator with the late Dr. Huston Smith. Phil is a freelance writer, documentary filmmaker, and author of over 35 books, including The Hero’s Journey: the Life and Work of Joseph Campbell. He has over 20 documentary film credits and since 2009 has been host of Global Spirit on PBS and Link TV and a guest host on New Dimensions Radio. In 1999, he and his film partner, Gary Rhine organized a group of ten Native American leaders to accompany Dr. Huston Smith to the Parliament of World Religions in South Africa. His presentation will discuss the impassioned conversations and profound dialogues from the parliament, and will include film clips from their award-winning documentary, as well as other insights gathered from his decades of work with Huston Smith, including Huston’s distinctions between religion and spirituality, personal and collective theology, and his ultimately triumphant philosophy of living our lives in a spirit of rejoicing. “A Seat at the Table: Struggling for American Indian Religious Freedom.”