Kwanzaa is an annual, week-long celebration that takes place in the United States. It pays homage to African heritage and is observed from December 26 through January 1. This seven-day celebration of African roots is observed by people of all faith backgrounds, since it’s not tied to any religion. Instead, this African American and Pan African holiday is anchored by seven PRINCIPLES, said each day for seven days.

Seven Principles

Day 1   Umoja or Unity – Video
Day 2   Kujichagulia or Self-determination – Video
Day 3   Ujima, which reveres Collective Work and Responsibility – Video
Day 4   Ujamaa or Cooperative Economics – Video
Day 5   Nia means Purpose to build and develop our communities Video

Day 6   Kuumba or Creativity to use our talents to beautify and preserve
the Earth Video

Day 7   Imani or Faith to believe in the righteousness and victory of our
struggle Video