Topic: Wholeness

There is a Crack in Everything

Parker Palmer writes “Wholeness does not mean perfection: it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life.” This Sunday we will consider how we might live into a deeper wholeness by accepting all parts of ourselves.

Easter Sunday Family Service

Join us on Easter Sunday for a shorter service celebrating the power of life and love over death and hate. This is a service for all ages, but nursery care will be available for babies and young children. Everyone is invited to join us after the service for brunch and the Easter Egg Hunt!

Good Friday Tenebrae Service

As Martin Luther King Jr. often said, we can’t get to the triumph of Easter except through the pain and loss of Good Friday. Join us in the Fireside Room for a tender service of song, word, and silence as we remember the crucifixion of Jesus and those put to death in our own time for their refusal to keep silent about injustice. A simple Universalist communion will be served.

The Open Door

One could say a whole oak tree is inside every acorn and that every acorn is destined to become an oak tree. Is the tiny acorn whole or the big oak tree? This week in worship we will consider what wholeness looks and feels like.

The Golden Key

In his seminal 19th century children’s story, “The Golden Key,” George MacDonald tells of a key that unlocks a door to the imagination. This is no mere indulgence. Imagination and stories are at the very core of who we are. What do the stories we tell say about who we are and who we want to be? What does it mean to think of imagination as a radical act and a spiritual practice? How can we harness the power of imagination to move ourselves and our world toward wholeness?