Topic: Trust

Freedom Sunday

The Worship Service on Sunday, February 24 has been named “Freedom Sunday.” There will be a wonderful tribute to the African American Spiritual — highlighting the hidden messages within the spirituals — which were songs of freedom and codes for escaping to Freedom. The music, readings and sharing will focus on Freedom — both for a peoples who were enslaved but also what does Freedom mean for all of us in our lives, in the lives of our immigrant brothers and sisters? In the lives of our LGBTQ community? Come, sing, dance and honor the music that kept African Americans hopeful and listen to the stories of Freedom from our Worship Team. After the service, lunch will be served in the Social Hall and we’ll continue with dancing and singing together!

Affirming the worth and dignity of every person? Really? Everyone?

Join us for Community Ministry Sunday, led by UUCB’s four Affiliated Community Ministers, the Revs. Cat Cox, Theresa Hardy, Sue Magidson, and Jane Ramsey, with Lynne Cahoon, Ariel Smith-Iyer, and Rev. Christian Schmidt

Reverse RE

Building a community for all ages means learning and growing in many different ways. Join us for a shorter worship service followed by your choice of several smaller spiritual exploration opportunities in rooms all around the church including a Children’s chapel for those among us in elementary school. During the service we will also say goodbye to our Director of Family Ministry, Merrin Clough.

Music Sunday – “No one is alone”

With the stories behind the music, we will hear Debussy, Beethoven, Shostakovich, and Sondheim as gateways to explore trust in community, in hope, in love. What did Beethoven and Shostakovich go through and how did they keep composing despite threats to their careers? What do singers in a choir need to trust and how does that trust lead to finding a deeper sense of community? What of conductors, and instrumentalists playing duets or trios?