Topic: Thresholds


At 18, they say you’re an adult. But you’re not really until you’re fully into the world of “adulting,” that is, doing the things one has to each day, week, month, and year just to live. Our world increasingly disempowers us, making adulthood seem like a series of chores rather than a time of living into the people we should be.

From Liberal to Liberating

Our faith is often described as a liberal religious tradition. But are being liberal or progressive minded enough in these polarized times? Join us as we remember our faith’s liberating heritage and consider how we are being called to work for liberation in our world today.

Burning of Grudges

This New Year’s Eve morn, we will prepare for 2020 with a ritual of cleansing and letting go of those things that limit or burden us. This is a service for all ages. No children’s religious education classes today.