Topic: Sacrifice

Remembrance Sunday

The Haudenosaunee people (often known as Iroquois) emphasize considering the future — the next seven generations — in making decisions and considering the community. As we honor our ancestors, we’ll explore both the last seven generations and the next seven, even in a world in crisis.

Finding Our Place In the Family of Things

This week we will hear from the prophet Micah, the poet Mary Oliver, and consider what is most deeply required of us as we continue our series on the theme of “sacrifice.”

Learning Together Sunday

In our liberal faith we often say that “revelation is not sealed” meaning that there is always more for us to learn. This week a shorter worship in the Sanctuary will be followed by classes and workshops for all ages all over our campus. Join us for a morning of growing and learning, together!

What Women Really Want

9 am and 11 am

Is it really such a good idea to allow a divorced, middle aged, white man to talk about what women really want? Regardless of our answer, that is what this country – and much of the world – has settled for … read more.

The Cost of Reaching the Promised Land

9 am and 11 am

Moses led a community of people out of a perilous place. And they were grateful. For a while. But the vision of ‘milk and honey’ they’d hoped to find was more than a while in coming. Standing on the edge of … read more.