Topic: Perseverance

Strength of Will

Henry Ward Beecher once said “The difference between perseverence and obstinancy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t.” Join us this week as we consider what makes for a healthy approach to the harder parts of life.

The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace

At the turn of the millennium, dedicated to the victims of the Kosovo war and honoring the hope for a peaceful new century, Karl Jenkins composed a beautiful, exciting and above all powerful work titled The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace. The strong musical and human message of grief and hope resonates strongly with audiences. Social Justice and music are working together to create a film to go with this work, providing a visual and musical combination that will prove profoundly moving. Every time there is another event like the attacks in Las Vegas or Manchester or Orlando, or terrifying rhetoric between the US and North Korea, or when I read of the situation in Yemen or see video of what remains of many cities in Syria, I feel a sense of helplessness, of what can I possibly do? And then I feel especially grateful for the chance to do an event such as this here where we can, at least, sing our hopes for peace.

A Community of Perseverance

From believing in ourselves to leaning on one another while working toward a common goal, life often asks us to persevere. Join us for this service for all ages about what it means to be a community of perseverance. Please stay for the Annual Meeting after worship! Childcare for children through kindergarten will be provided in the Nursery during the service while childcare for all ages will be provided for the Annual Meeting.

What’s in Your Resiliency Toolkit?

When things get hard, what helps you persevere? This Community Ministry Sunday, UUCB’s Community Ministry Committee will reflect on resiliency in their lives and work, and encourage you to reflect on what’s in your resiliency toolkit.