Topic: Passion

Sharing our Passion

9 am and 11 am

Each of us has a source of motivation that burns deep within our being—a spark that calls us into engagement with the world. This sermon will explore how we identify that source of passion within us and the importance of sharing … read more.

Loving from the Insight Out

9 am and 11 am

People always would prefer to live – and love – from a place of passion. But sometimes we lose the source. As one colleague has put it, ‘we sometimes lose our shine.’ We forget or lose touch with the thing that … read more.

Love is Like Travelling to a Foreign Yak Farm

9 am and 11 am

Falling in love can be amazing, wonderful, intoxicating and provide one of the great pathways to purpose and meaning. It can also be disorienting, confusing, mysterious and scary. It feels like we are asked to learn an entirely new language. And … read more.