Topic: Freedom & Responsibility

Friday Vespers Service

End what has turned out to be an intense week with us for this first-ever UUCB online worship service. We will join together at the same time if not the same physical space for a short service of song, readings, and prayer. This is a great opportunity to give Facebook Live a try before Sunday! Please see the Co-Ministers’ 3/12 email for instructions on how to access worship on Facebook Live.

Our Circles

Scientists say everything changes constantly. We may say, nothing is constant, only change. Yet, many individuals and communities assume that old patterns of existence will work forever. But time and the realities of life challenge us all, and call us to revise our principles, creeds, laws, our ways of being and thinking. From the circles of the ancient scientist Archimedes, to the circles of love in which Jesus tried to create the kingdom of God, to the round table of King Arthur who believed in the power of equality and mutual respect, we see examples of people who have expanded their circles to include others. What kind of changes and challenges do we experience in Transylvanian Unitarian and in American Unitarian Universalist circles?

Binding Our Hearts

Join us this week as we celebrate all we give and receive together here at the UU Church of Berkeley, and all of the good that generosity makes possible in our community. Everyone is invited to stay after the service for lunch and to see the results of our first ever Baking Contest!